The Building Approach

Allow us to help guide you through the process of building your dream home.

Find Your Property.

When looking to build a new home the first step is to find a piece of property or lot in a subdivision that you desire to live on, if it’s a piece of property not in a developed subdivision than you will have to find the land owner, this can often be achieved by visiting your parish or county assessor office and using the address to find the property owner, if you’re your desired lot is in a subdivision you can also use the assessors’ office or you can contact the subdivision developer to obtain all of the information needed.

Most property owners allow down payments in order to hold the property while you begin the home design procedure. Once down payment is excepted you can begin designing your home, if your lot is in a subdivision than the developer will give you a set of rules or guidelines called restrictions/restrictive covenants that need to be followed in order to build in that subdivision, if your property is not in a developed subdivision than local building codes are pretty much the only restrictions, what’s good about subdivisions with restrictions is you can control to a certain extend what is built around your property.


Begin Your Home Design.

Once your property decision has been made you can begin your home design process, contact Rutter homes for a consultation we partner with the elite home designers in south Louisiana to properly engineer and design a beautiful blueprint of your dream home, we will connect you with the appropriate designers based on your budget and design goals, and project time frame.

 If you already have a set pf blueprints but need help with some finishing touches, let our 25+ years of experience go to work for you, Rutter Homes will help you accurately price out a turnkey price for the home, you will receive a preliminary set of drawings from the designers before the final set is completed in order to go over layout and design specification with contractor and designer, and make any possible changes, ballpark or a price ranges can be given off of a preliminary set, however it is best to have a finalized set of blueprints in order to obtain the most accurate turnkey price.

Start Building.

Price accepted, time line accepted, contracts signed, the building procedure begins, at Rutter homes we make ourselves available to our client’s and partners 24/7 in order to maintain constant communication which we believe is the key to excellence in the residential construction industry.

“Everybody needs to be on the same page, when you have 100+ people coming together to achieve a common goal, communication has to be the main element at work” – Jay Rutter

Whether it be via phone call, email, text message, etc. the lines of communication are always open to our clients from day one to the final day we hand over the keys, your projects will be completed on time and your dream home will be move in ready!