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We at Jay Rutter Construction / Rutter Homes are committed to quality. We offer professional service on a personal level. We work closely with our clients through out the planning and construction process. We work with the best partners / subcontractors all over South Louisiana to achieve the highest quality of workmanship available, and pride ourselves on the respect and honesty each of our partners display to every client. We vow to make your homebuilding experience a pleasant one.


About Jay Rutter

Jay is a second generation builder/developer he is the son of builder/developer Lea Rutter Jr. Jay grew up on job sites and began working for his father at the age of 12 doing general cleanup for many years and observing the different construction trades. Eventually, Jay would join his father's concrete crews learning how to layout slabs and form, pour and finish concrete. Throughout high school he worked on framing and roofing crews learning the framing and roofing trades. Jay attended LSU for Construction Management, during his time off from college he would learn the business and project management from his father, Jay would go on to project manage many of Leas jobs in mostly Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes. Jay left LSU in 2005, started Jay Rutter Construction, Inc. and has been licensed in the state of Louisiana since 2005; and has been incorporated as Jay Rutter Construction, Inc. since 2008. Living in many different cities in South Louisiana, including: Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans - He has worked in over 10 different parishes and dealt with many different municipalities all having different building code restrictions, learning and developing relationships with the best contractors in southeast Louisiana.

Too many hot summers to count! At the time, I couldn't stand working on concrete, roofing and framing crews... looking back, I appreciate the way Lea made me work on all the phases of construction. You don't see many high school kids working summer construction jobs these days, working with Lea's crews I was able to gain hands on experience and expertise from the best contractors around, eventually becoming a project manager then General contractor. The industry is flooded these days with people taking the state test and calling themselves general contractors, having never worked in all the phases of construction. Technology and pretty pictures have made it easy to fool the public about actual experience which is what separates true general contractors from someone who took a test".

"It takes a minimum of 10 years' of being licensed and building homes to be versed enough in this industry to call yourself a general contractor, homeowners need to make sure they check "builders" experience before they decide on a contractor, you can check a builders experience here, there is no substitute for years of experience

Jay Rutter

Jay Rutter Construction / Rutter Homes, builds in over a dozen different parishes covering: Baton Rouge to New Orleans, the North and South shores, up and down the bayous of Lafourche, Terrebonne, Assumption and Plaquemines Parishes. Jay personally covers over a 1000 miles a week and project manages each individual job.

We believe that is the only way to achieve our standard of detail, if our name is on the job, we want our eyes on it everyday

Jay Rutter

Rutter Homes works with the best contractors, architects, designers and decorators in the area - they maintain offices in Thibodaux and New Orleans. Contact Rutter Homes to begin the journey to your dream home today.